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IAC offers the widest variety of bungees in the market.
Consistant quality is realized by using the best quality multicore rubber, a high tenacity PP or PES braiding and a high tensile steel hook (SH or SDH).

The hooks are coiled cylindrically around the bungee, whilst the bungee-ends are incorporated in the hook. This results in stronger bungees that can withstand a high windforce.

This concept greatly increases the strength of the bungee.

Bungee developed by IAC distinguish themselves in several ways compared with other bungee available on the market.

Both the StormFix and the Swanneck Bungee go directly around the frame profile without being "looped". Therefore these bungees function much better because they can elongate freely with the banner at windloads.

Also more bungee length is available because of the absence of a large hook.

Customers that have to fit large banners into stand-alone frames often choose the special double hook (SDH) in combination with 8 mm bungee diameter or the StormFix or Swanneck Bungee with 8 mm diameter bungee..

The number of customers that source IAC's bungees is growing because one realises that it is worthwhile to use quality bungees. To replace a torn banner is expensive and labour-intensive.

Next to the above mentioned bungees, IAC can supply a large number of other standard assembled bungees.