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A request from one of our customers resulted in the development of the StormFix (Dutch 2006 and European Patent 2009) early 2009. The main requirement was to develop a bungee that would be stronger than those already available on the market. It should hold forces > 100 kg. Although our customers appreciate the strength of the StormFix, the main USP is the fact that StormFix allows the banner to be fitted very near the frame. The result is a very neat appearance of the banner frame!

StormFix characteristics:

  • A super strong banner fixing tested to >100 kg
  • StormFix allows the banner to be tensioned VERY close to the frame/tube
  • High quality 8mm MULTI CORE BUNGEE with high tenacity PP or PES braiding
  • Bungee available in black or silver
  • End pieces available in black in order to minimize the number of versions
  • StormFix means less possibility for fraying of bungee and no corrosion at the point of fastening
  • StormFix can be pre inserted into eyelet for fast mounting of banners
  • RESULT= A fast, extremely strong method of fastening banners to frames/tubing