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Swanneck bungee


During the development of TornadoFix IAC decided to simultaneously develop a wirehook version. This resulted in the Swanneck bungee.

For both versions were IAC applied for a patent.

The Swanneck bungee offers a solution for frequent questions from the sector to come with a wirehook bungee that offers a small spacing between banner and frame.

Windforces applied to the banner are taken up by WirehookLoop bungees in such a way that the force applied to the Swanneck bungee is equally divided between the end of the hook where the bungee is fixed and the other end (swanneck) where the loop of the bungee is hooked onto.

This concept makes the Swanneck bungee twice as strong compared with "normal" bungees.

The Swanneck bungee comes with a 6 and a 8 mm multicore elastic cord. At this moment in time we have two lengths available.